Grow an Indoor Garden with Hydroponics!

About Us

Green Grow Technologies is a hydroponics equipment supplier in Ramsey, IL.  We sell everything you need to get your plants healthy and strong!  What is hydroponics?  It’s a way of growing plants that uses mineral nutrient solutions in water instead of in soil!  Why use hydroponics?  Despite the water base, hydroponics use less water than traditional soil-based growing!  The nutrient solutions are easier to control when dissolved in water, and will not release any nutrition pollution into the ecosystem.  There are also fewer pests, as they cannot live in soil that isn’t in the system!  Hydroponics can grow almost any terrestrial plant, and when you want the equipment to make that happen, Green Grow Technologies is right there to supply it!  We also offer supplies for aeroponics in Ramsey, IL, which is when roots are consistently kept in a fine mist of nutrient solution, allowing for maximum aeration and the best health of your plants!

Our Services

When you’re working with hydroponics, having the right plant nutrients in Ramsey, IL are essential.  We offer all the nutrients that your plants will need in soluble mixtures, so you know that your plants will be healthy and happy!  Don’t have a nice, sunlit room for your foliaged friends?  We sell LED lights in Ramsey, IL!  LED lights can be bought in specific wavelengths to help your plants get the most out of their natural chlorophyll cycle.  Grow lights in Ramsey, IL, are perfect for that indoor garden!  Want to build a greenhouse in Ramsey, ILGreen Grow Technologies can help with that, too!  We can help you with horizontal or vertical grows in Ramsey, IL.

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Hydroponics are great for many reasons: they use fewer resources, release less pollution, and can be grown indoors and without a steady source of sunlight.  When you have an indoor garden, full of delicious vegetables and fruits, or even herbs for your sauces and spices, you’ll be glad you chose the freedom of hydroponics!  Call Green Grow Technologies today, and see what we can do for you and your foliaged friends!

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